“Your work continues to evolve and transform as an artist.”

— Ray Kass, Professor Emeritus of Art at Virginia Tech and founder and director of the Mountain Lake Workshop.

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"You're not afraid of anything, are you?

-- Joni Pienkowski, artist


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"His paintings display a wonderful sense of movement that contributes to a feeling of fluidity and energy."

--Anna Fariello, Author: Objects and Meaning


"A painter...bold vibrant colors, and textures to create paintings that impart an immediate visual excitement and emotion."

-- Cynthia Hinkle, Director: Perspectives Gallery


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"It (Harkrader art) will hang in my spartan West Harlem room to give me joy and comfort on bleak days."

-- Mark Tabor. New York City.

“Harkrader paintings are not shrinking violets. The artist has a sense of bold. Some Harkrader paintings are restful or calm - but even those have a peaceful-power.”

— Ellen Lee Harkrader, artist representative

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“I hope you submit to Artemis again—you are an amazing artist.”

—Jeri Rogers, editor Artemis Journal

“Why don’t you paint something instead of this crazy shit?”


—Dorsey Taylor, artist representive-gallery director