Selected Group Exhibitions:

2014    Peaceable Kingdom Invitational, LinDor Arts Gallery, Roanoke, Virginia

           Google’s Motion Photography Exhibit, Google Plus

2012     Mother of God, Harkrader’s New Media, VIMEO

2011    Conversation: Salon Style, Perspective Gallery, Blacksburg, Virginia

2010    New Media 1,

2009    Mountain Lake Workshop 1983-2009: Montgomery Museum, Virginia

2008    Canvas, Steel & Wood, Edge Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.

            Night of 1000 Drawings, Artist Space, New York City, NY.

            Art Gala, O. Winston Link Museum, Roanoke, Virginia

           Non-Objective Energies, Edge Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.

2007    Exhibitionism, Kronos Gallery, Staunton, Virginia

           Cowboy Work,

2006    Annual Abstracts, Aaron Gallery, Dupont Circle, Washington, DC

2006    Recently Roanoke, Armory Gallery – Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, VA

2005    Non-Objective Energies, Modern Eye Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina

            A Journey Through Abstraction, Modern Eye Gallery, Charlotte, NC

2004    Blue Ridge Traveling Exhibit

            Artisans Center of Virginia, Waynesboro, Virginia

            John C. Campbell Folk School, Brasstown, North Carolina

            Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, Richmond, Virginia

            Oasis Gallery, Harrisonburg, Virginia

2003    Invitational, Fine Art Center of the New River Valley, Pulaski, Virginia

            Outside the Frame, Studios on the Square Gallery, Roanoke, Virginia

2002    River Exhibition, Radford University Art Museum, Flossie Martin Gallery, Radford, Virginia

1997    Alliance of Artists Traveling Exhibit:

           Danville Museum of Fine Arts & History, Danville, Virginia

           King Art Center, Abingdon, Virginia

           Fine Arts Center of New River Valley, Pulaski, Virginia

           Lynchburg Fine Arts Center, Lynchburg, Virginia

           Perspective Gallery, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia

           Piedmont Art Center, Martinsville, Virginia

1990   Artemis XIII Traveling Exhibit, Living Gallery-North Cross, Roanoke, Virginia

1988    Four Southeastern Artists, Sawtooth Center of Visual Design

            R.J. Reynolds Gallery, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

1985    Southeastern Spectrum IV Traveling Exhibition

           Juried:  Joseph Shannon, Curator, Hirshhorn Museum, Smithsonian Institute

           Sawtooth Center of Visual Design, Winston-Salem, NC

           Asheville Art Museum, Asheville, NC

           Jan Goin Gallery, Charleston, South Carolina

           Inaugural Exhibition, Flossie Martin Gallery, Radford University Art Museum, Radford, Virginia

1984   Southeastern Spectrum III Traveling Exhibition, Juried: Bernard Chaet, Yale University

           Sawtooth Center of Visual Design, Winston-Salem, NC

           North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

           Spartanburg Art Center, Spartanburg, SC

           Central Paper Company, Menasha, Wisconsin

1984   First Invitational, John Kerr Building, Shenandoah College and Conservatory, Winchester, VA

Selected Solo Exhibitions:

2016    Adaptation: Art Pannonia, Blacksburg, Virginia

2014-15    Evolution: Holtzman Alumni Center Gallery, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.

2011      Painting & Sculpture: (2), RedSky Gallery, Charlotte, NC

2009    Art & Allegory: (2), Edge Gallery, Philadelphia, PA

2008    Politix, Religionx & Artx: Pamela Jean Gallery, Roanoke, VA.

2007    Onyx Abstracts: Aaron Gallery, Dupont Circle, Washington, DC

2006   Absolute Abstract: Grandin Gallery, Grandin Theatre, Roanoke, Virginia

2005   Canvas and Steel, Modern Eye Gallery, Charlotte, North Carolina

            New Paintings, Perspective Gallery, Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, Virginia

2004    Theoretical Influence, Perspectives Gallery,  Smith Mt. Lake, Virginia

1990    Recent Work, North Cross Gallery, North Cross School, Roanoke, Virginia

1989    Close to Home, Fine Art Center of New River Valley Gallery, Pulaski, Virginia

1988    New Paintings, Staunton Fine Art Center, Staunton, Virginia

1988    Harkrader Exhibition, Montgomery Museum & Lewis Miller Regional Art Center

1987    Impact, Close to Home, Paine Gallery, Bluefield Art Center, Bluefield, Virginia

Selected Collections:

Carilion Institute for Orthopedics and Neurosciences, Roanoke Virginia

Inglesia de La Santa Ana, Panama City, Panama

AECOM, Roanoke, Virginia

Central Paper Company, Alco Standard Corporation, Menasha, Wisconsin

SDRAM, Roanoke, Virginia

Squires Center, Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, Virginia

The Surrey Group, Chicago, Illinois

Salem Orthopedic Association, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Jana Pawła II (John Paul II) Miejska Biblioteka, Opole, Poland

SFCS, Inc., Architectural Group, Roanoke, Virginia

Anh Tuan Boi,  CaoBoi - CBS Survivor Star

Member Virginia Tech Board of Visitors, VPI, Blacksburg, Virginia

Petrine Collection, SML, West Lake, Virginia

Centralnego Muzeum Jencow Wojennych. Opole, Poland

Virginia Tech University, Graduate Life Center, Blacksburg, Virginia

Montgomery Museum & Lewis Miller Regional Art Center, Montgomery County, Virginia

Issues Management Group, Roanoke, Virginia

Perspectives Gallery, Morgantown, Pennsylvania

Christiansburg Industrial Institute Museum, Montgomery County, Virginia

Gay & Neel Engineering Inc., Christiansburg, Virginia

Ron Crider Collection, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Jordan Oil Company-Ramsdell Collection, Radford, Virginia

Capozzi Collection, Montgomery County, Virginia

Town of Christiansburg, Christiansburg, Virginia

Comprehensive Computer Solutions, Christiansburg, Virginia


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Independent Studies:

2007    Web Flash Festival & Conference, Pompidou Center, Paris France

            Mountain Lake Symposiums & Workshops: A historic gathering of leading artists,

           critics, architects, and scientist (Regional artist participant)

1989    “Artists Intentions: Enduring Values/Discounted Goods”

            Gablik, Kupit, Kass, Spero

1988    “Artist In Locale: Beyond a Regional Critique”

            Kuspit, Leenhardt, Kirshner, Kass, Miller, Mosquera, Rollins, Risatti

           Canregie-Mellon University, Pittsburg, PA

1987    “Making Psychoanalytic Sense of Art”

            Kuspit, Kass, Spitz, King, Gedo,

           De Looper, Goldberg, Poppitz

1986    “Evaluative Process in Contemporary Art”    

          Porter, Kass, Tavarelli

1985    “Dislocated Sources”

            Kuspit, Greenberg, King, Kass, Baldessari, Cameron

1984    “Revisionism-Criticism of Modern Art”

            Kuspit, Kass, Sonnier, Vidler, Colquhoun

1983    “Media: Artists, Imagery, and Influences”

           Cage, Kuspit, Kass, Becker, Pashke, Cosindas,

           Keziere, Lawson

1982    Greenberg, Caro, Frieliecher, Kass, Bannard, Shatter

1981    Thiebaud, Cosindas, Kass